Folders not getting deleted

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Hi everyone..

I have a couple of folders on my desktop (2 torrents i had downloaded ages back).

Problem is everytime i delete them they reappear when i restart my pc. This happens with some other files on my desktop too...

Any ideas?


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There may be malware in your computer which tries to create these folders even after deletion. Scan with a antimalware such as MalwareBytes' Antimalware!

You could also try cleaning the registry with programs such as Tune Up Utilities because registry errors also might cause it.


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And try the trick below too :)
There must be something in those files?? Right click on them and go to sharing & security section. Then, assign yourself aal the rights, and you are done. (probably)


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This happened to me yesterday too..simply I went to safe mode and deleted it. Try it out.
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