Negative Experience Flipkart: This is by far the most pathetic experience ever


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I ordered a Vu 4K tv priced 49990 from Flipkart on April 5, 2016. Order was dispacted on 8th April 2016 through gati courier which reached my city on 11th april. Now gati took 7 days to delivery the product to me.
Delivery done on 18th april, installation done on 22 april.

Now on 25th april I noticed dead pixels clouding and motion rate issues, went to flipkart website submitted request for replacement. Next day got a call from flipkart that the technician will visit and after only that replacement will be approved and asked me to wait for 3 days.

4 days later no communication from technician or flipkart and no one visited to check the tv. Again called flipkart asked them whats going on, got the same answer we have escalated your request blah blah. Next day flipkart technical dept. Called and told me that the refund is approved and the reverse pickup will be done in next 5 days and the refund process will start after successful pickup. They told me to pack the tv since it was table mounted and that gati courier will come for reverse pickup.

Now its 17 may 2016 and till date no communication from gati regarding pickup. I called them today morning and was shocked to hear them say " sir we have not received email regarding reverse pickup from flipkart unless and until we don't get that confirmation from flipkart we cannot do the reverse pickup".

countless tweets, several calls, thousands of emails and escalated request and years of my faith in flipkart has gone down the drain. Never again buying from Flipkart.

PS: Any advice what to do now?


write again mentioning everything you described here.
Just cc this mail to media houses and see the reaction !
Report here if nothing happens in a week or two.
Post this on their FB account also.
Post this message in form of screenshot on Twitter account and write something in 160 characters.


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Update. Received an email stating that refund process and been started today and the amount will reflect in 8 to 10 days according to banking procedure.
Always wondered why does it take so many days when we ask for refund but when we purchase payment goes through instantly can anybody explain me this how the system works? Just curious.
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