1. HE-MAN

    Negative Experience Flipkart: This is by far the most pathetic experience ever

    I ordered a Vu 4K tv priced 49990 from Flipkart on April 5, 2016. Order was dispacted on 8th April 2016 through gati courier which reached my city on 11th april. Now gati took 7 days to delivery the product to me. Delivery done on 18th april, installation done on 22 april. Now on 25th april...
  2. Cyberghost

    Negative Experience Amazon India Fake Return Policy!!!

    I ordered a Targus laptop backpack from Amazon India on September 27th 2015 and I received my item on Sep 29th. I found out that this Backpack is too small to carry my laptop, so I decided to return the product to Amazon. I initiated a return process on Amazon so they could collect my item on...
  3. RCuber

    HP Printer Problem

    Hey guys, I have a HP PCS series all in one (will give exact model later tonight), it is having a weird issue. its 5 yr old, but in good condition. the printer doesn't seem to sense the paper in the tray or to be more precise it cannot pickup the paper for printing. There is no paper jam...
  4. V

    [For Sale] BOSE companion 20 Multimedia speakers 2-3months used

    Description(Not that it needs any)- Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System 10/10 condition D.O.P: 10 Oct 2012. Price expected: 12,500/- Location & Pickup: Delhi(call for more details) Courier: N/A - Pickup only Bill available.
  5. sam9s

    Here comes my Suzuki GS150R review....

    Ok Guys finally got my baby today, and hence this thread. I hope to see quite a few people here owning this worthy machine by Suzuki. I have been following with and other reviews for a long time to make a decission and It was a gruesome one as I was really confused between various offerings...
  6. N

    FS:mobo+proc combo

    Im selling a mobo+cpu combo They are about 5 years old so no warranty 1 week of test warranty will be given a7n266-vm athlon 1800+ expected:1.3k+shipping from mumbai (pickup free) Post here for questions... PM me for bargaining, leave the thread alone :P
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