Negative Experience Flipkart Return Fraud


Broken In
I have ordered a Lenovo A2010 Phone form Flipkart. Order number for the same is OD304020480141167000. Phone got issue it get discharged in 15 minutes flat.

I have raised a return request on 17th Oct. I was told return will be processed in 2 days. Then today (19th Oct) I got email the issue is being escalated we will get back to you by 30th Oct.

They are making fool of me just by giving dates. I have tried return from amazon they pick up the item in less then 24 hours. and here is Flipkart which need 15 days just to analyze if they can accept return or not.

Flipkar is a fraud company.

Update : Flipkart just rejected the Return request saying our executive has trouble shoot and resolved. But in fact noting was done to resolve the issue. When I called the Flipkart customer care asking why the request was rejected when nothing was done to resolve it. I was shocked to hear the answer "We need close the return request in 24 hours". To meet the 24 hours deadline they put fake comment and reject the request
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