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I am using Winxpsp2 fully audated edition, i used to update Pc time to time.i am using Mcaffee Antivirus and Firewall.
.......The problem is....one day i was playing Yahoo pool and suddenly my pc freezed, and internet connection terminated, after 10 min. it recovered from attack. Thn i turned pc off and go for work.
But whn nxt time i started it ..a red cross on task bar appeared, when i clicked it i found..warning...""firewall turned off due to unexpected reason and can not be started"". Though I always uses my mcAffee firewall whenever i goes online. so i am now in trouble how to solve it. I tried many ways by searching on Microsoft crash analysis.
and one more thing this never happens to me....but this problem came just after tht perticuler attack.
plzz try to tell me the solution ....
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