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So I recently updated to windows 7,great stuff :).

So my question is how do I transfer stuff from vista to 7 (7 is on a seperate partition,I only need the stuff from C: (windows partition) rest games etc are on either E: or F:.I would delete Vista when I'm perfectly sure that everything is working fine on 7.Basically I just need the programs.(that's what is installed on windows partition).Would just merging the program files of vista with the 7 program files folder work?.Is there any other faster way?.I don't wanna reinstall everything(like I would lose my precious bookmarks) etc.Is there any alternate and faster way?(Btw if you're wondering why I didn't use the 'upgrade' feature.It's because my vista is 64 bit and 7 is 32 bit.)

Thanks in Advance :)


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Gr8 question!!!!

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well, if its browser u are concerned, then bookmarks you can export sure.
Rest for applications.
In simple words "NO YOU CAN'T"


What a Question!!!!!
I'm Speechless :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

It's too complex to be answered by a computer noob like me.............

Maybe you could just leave them there??


to test whether programs are running, try double clicking on their exe files from Windows 7. However 64 bit apps will not run on 32 bit OS. Better get W7 x64. Why downgrade from x64 to x86?

Count Dracula

You guys are not getting me,lets leave this lol.Suppose I leave it there (yeah it would work that way) but vista would be taking unnecessary space,I don't need it anymore.


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well u will have to reinstall program....if u made some configuration changes in a program u will have to copy its configuration file and paste it newly installed programs directory......same goes for saved games, bookmarks, password etc

to test whether programs are running, try double clicking on their exe files from Windows 7.
hmmm...good one !! :D
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