Fan Noise and Overheating Problem


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Hi Everyone,

In summer time my pc suddenly creating noise and overheating.if i don't run any application it's not creating problem(but yes processor fan creating noise) but for example when i just start converting normal folder into RAR the cpu temperature start going high and high and pc turn off automatically.
I have opened a cover of CPU one side.

Waiting for your valuable suggestion.

PS: I am attaching two images of before and after.


thanks :)

My Rig:

Amd cpu fx 8350
Asus motherboard m5a97 evo r2.0
corsair ram 8gb ddr-3 1600mhz
seagate hdd 1tb sata
cooler master smps extreme 700w
zotac pci 1gbddr5 gtx 650ti
circle cabinate
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Hi Maxfan,

Generally, anything above 90F is when you should be worrying as dangerous periods at this temperature can ruin the lifetime and wear down your computer components.
However, temp is almost same as prolonged periods, it can affect the hardware anytime.
To overcome the problem, you can consider getting a new liquid cooling system or take regular breaks.

Hope it helps.


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Have you tried resitting the cpu cooler?

Yes,I have but still not get solution.

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Thanks..The link is very useful.

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Guys!! Plz help me...
I have applied heat sink. No solution
I have cleaned my pc.No solution
I have checked my motherboard.No solution...
Processor has not checked yet..(should I check)
den what is the problem???
Plz plz help me out..


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Should I buy new cooler ? If yes den which one?


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An aftermarket cooler is what you need. If you are not into heavy OCing then CM HYPER 212X should do the job just fine. Cost is around 3k.
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