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External hardisk not working?

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I connected in my external hardisk to find that windows continuously keeps on reading it without stopping (forever). The windows explorer window hangs. I would like to check if my hardisk is gone forever... but I would like to try, for example, to see if formatting might fix the problem... Because I couldn't think of a reason why it would fail. I have lots of important data. Could you please suggest ways to test and fix with/without safe-guarding the data?
thank you.

PS: its Lacie 120GB external hardisk.


Point Blanc
run chkdsk /f /r windows will try fixing whatever wrong.
chkdsk runs when your system is booting.

Windows gets hung does it happen without the External connecting to the system.
Run virus scan. How do you think you can format your external without removing your data from the external.

If your system gets hung only when
Link with Steps for daarecovery

If your system gets hung on adding he external, then first run chkdsk, then add the external and then reboot. See for the results. Look up the link I have given you they are the best steps you can follow on your own for such a case.

If it is gone foreever for real you cannot help, get it replaced. Except the chkdsk will help you to recover few data, after clearing of inconsistencies in the HDD.
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