Eve Online virtual war 'costs $300,000' in damage


Is there a Eve Online thread here? Does anyone in TDf play the game

Source:BBC News - Eve Online virtual war 'costs $300,000' in damage

EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history

All you need to know:The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming

more info :

This happened on the anniversary of Battle of Asakai :razz:
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its converting in game currency to USD... initial estimates were around $240,000 when it happen

A massive battle broke out in EVE Online yesterday, with damages reaching the equivalent of $200,000 in real world money.



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I remember reading something about this on reddit /r/gaming

Also it lasted 21 hours.

Also, the $300,000 damages were on the players and not on CCP games.


well there is everything covered in the links :razz:

"Here's how it went down. Corporation Nulli owned a station. Which gave them ownership of an entire sector. That's a big deal. Their corporate ally PL was tationed there and had lots of assets there. Nulli "forgot to pay rent" So then... The space-station became unowned. Except all of PLs assets housed there remained there. Another corporation, RUS was near, saw this going, and swooped in to take the station. They succeeded. PL came back with guns to take it back from RUS. To get their stuff back. PL also got their ally Nulli to help them. When that happened. RUS called their ally CFC. Normally, these kinds of things happen between smaller ships. And one team will either leave or win. But both sides refused to back down. And the fight continued to escalate continually. Until we have what you see now. Currently 2160 people. In a pitched war."
-Guy in stream chat
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