E90 has ARRIVED !

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I think in a few days,we'll have E90 for a price of 36K !

Probably an amazing device with tons of features:

- Symbian OS v9.2
- S60 3.1
- Feature Pack 1
- 330 MHz OMAP2420 (ARM11)
- 128 MB RAM
- HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
- WLAN B/G 54 Mbps
- 3.2 Mpix autofocus camera
- VGA 30 fps video recording
- internal GPS receiver
- 128 MB storage memory
- microSD card slot
- quadband GSM
- 800x352 internal screen
- 240x320 cover screen
- full QWERTY keyboard
- Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
- FM radio
- stereo speakers - 2.5" audio connector
- Mini-usb port

Absence of 'FAX' may be of significance for old communicator lovers!

Surprisingly,there is no TV-Out ?!

(Thanks to MySymbian.com)


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its a path breaking communicator.. With the same os interface on both the internal and external screens..


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^^ thts innovation ... my fren has gone nuts over this and also on the fact that u can directly copy songs it appears like an external device and u can copy-paste songs which can be heard

Ankur Gupta

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But the device is too big for comfort...
A bit smaller communicator would have done wonders along with all the features Nokia has bundled in this device...


ankurgupta.me said:
But the device is too big for comfort...
A bit smaller communicator would have done wonders along with all the features Nokia has bundled in this device...
Making it smaller wouldn't have been a big deal for Nokia but then the QWERTY keyboard would've been even smaller that what it is already. That would't have made it very comfortable. Also the inner display wouldn't have been so spectacularly big.


dhan_shh said:
Why there is no '3.5mm' jack ?

only '2,5mm' jack???

Because it is not a music phone. Also adaptors are easily and cheaply available.


Its priced 40500 @ launch in India. That is higher than my laptop. I am waiting for another year to buy it. Let the firmware mature. 6630 does the trick as of now :)


Laterally thinking, I have a few points to ponder:

Nokia E90:

* Bulky: 210 gms

* No FAX

* No A2DP

* No TV-Out

* Poor video recording

* Horrible mail client (Gr8 shock to 9500/9300 users)

* Only 512 MB card supplied

* Unlike N95 no screen protector or leather case supplied

* Worst directional pad,poorly positioned

* Hinges are difficult to use,trying to hit the menu buttons on the top right rocks the entire device

* Wi-Fi setup is still a pain (Won't work with hidden SSID WPA network)

* S60 software is a poor fit for the form factor

Heavy demand for E90 seems to be 'Artificially Created' ?!!!


E90 does have A2DP. Also it has VGA video recording at 30 fps, similar to N95 and N93. So its definitely not poor.


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Finally E90 is freely available from today for 34.9 - 39K.

With usual 'pros' & 'cons', I'm planning to buy it tomorrow!

Still comes with old FW only,no BBC installed?!

It looks A2DP is working?!

As expected most of the Nokia phones prices got crashed today,Notables are:

N95: 27.4K

N93i: 25.9K

N73ME: 16.4K

N70ME: 11.9K

N72: 9.6K

5700: 12.2K

6300: 9.6K

Its nice to see the price drop; U can check with wavetelmobiles website or univercell site!
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