e-GPUs for laptop available in India.


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Hey There!
Recently I bought a laptop with USB-C. While surfing The internet I fond that I can use an e-GPU with it( yes my laptop is compatible.) . Any good suggestion of e-GPU which is available in India?

Also do tell me any precautions/suggestions during the process of installing it.

My PC specs are below:-

1)Ryzen 5 3500
2) 8GB RAM( I am ready to expand if needed.)
3)1TB HDD+ 512 SSD
4)Nvidia MX11 graphics.
5)If any other thing needed pls ask.


Which exact laptop do you have? There's no R5 3500 laptop AFAIK, is it 3500U? There's no MX11 also.
e GPU docks are very expensive and need 4 PCI-e lanes via thunderbolt 3 on laptop for GPU to even work. Desktops have 16 lanes and there's a huge bottleneck if you'd be using eGPU without an external monitor.
I'm 100% sure your laptop doesn't support eGPU.

You need a Thunderbolt 3 port, which uses Type C interface as well. I doubt any laptop under 1 lakh has TB3 port with 4 lanes of PCIe (PCIe 3.0 x4), so your cheap laptop surely doesn't have TB3. Laptops with TB3 port are expensive due to Intel's royalty, but last year they made it royalty-free or something & maybe it will become the USB 4.0 standard.
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