1. RumbaMon19

    e-GPUs for laptop available in India.

    Hey There! Recently I bought a laptop with USB-C. While surfing The internet I fond that I can use an e-GPU with it( yes my laptop is compatible.) . Any good suggestion of e-GPU which is available in India? Also do tell me any precautions/suggestions during the process of installing it. My...
  2. G

    can i increase my laptop graphics?

    Hi Digit, I have a laptop with confg. as follows intel pentiun IV @ 2.30 Ghz 4 gb ddr3 ram intel hd(the software "specy" showed the graphics memory to be 1326 mb). I want to play latest games but I don't have enough money to buy a new rig. Can I increase my gpu strenth? I have seen a few pics in...
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