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DVD-RW Drive Not recognized in BIOS Boot!!!!


Broken In
I have a Abit IP35e MoBo (6 years old and running without faults).
Recently my computer got stuck at the MoBo Logo Screen at boot multiple times.So I opened up the cabinet,swapped the RAM pieces (one 2 GB DDR2 and 1GB DDR2 800MHz).It got over the Boot logo but I received a black screen saying the
"CPU is unworkable or has been changed- Check CPU Soft Menu"
"Press F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup"

I pressed F1 to continue and it worked without hassle. I have a dual booting of Windows Vista and Se7en. But when I opened the boot menu and saw that the DVD Drive is the SATA 6 Channel but couldn't be seen in the boot devices sequence.I usually have the DVD-RW,Hard Disk as first and second booting devices.But it was not in the list of booting devices.I also put in a bootable DVD with Vista OS.It was not detected at all meaning the DVD-RW is not detected as bootable device.

But surprisingly the DVD Drive is detected in the OS My Computer (Both Vista and Se7en) and also in the Device Manager.I don't why and how this is happening? Please help me as I want to format my Computer.Why is it not being detected as a booting device

Here is a screenshot of the DVD-RW Drive in Device Manager.

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