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Dvd driver detect's cd's only....

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Hi Guys,

Today i am facing a strange problem, actually after such a long time i inserted a dvd but it was failed to Auto play so i tried to play it manually. when i saw my dvd drive (H drive) there was no folders... so i checked the show hidden folder then also no use.
when i tried to know the properties of the dvd it shows blank. like there is no dvd.

so i tried with my vcd, its working fine without any problem......

can anyone tell me what may be the actual fault......? please Guys help me to fix it.

Thanks in advance.....


Maybe the DVD you are trying to play is corrupt. Try other DVD's.

If still problem is not solved, go for Lens Cleaner ;)


Try other DVD's too. Also try other brands of DVD's (For Example if you are using SONY than try Moser Baer). Else go for Lens Cleaner.

If still not reading you have to repair the drive.


In the zone
ya problem with my sony drive too.
i cant read,open or copy any file, from cds or dvds. but there is no problem in burning new cds or dvds.! i'm still hunting for a solution...
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