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Duration of ADSL Connection???

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Is there any software/apps to find the duration of the an ADSL connection?(i use MTNL NU plan and i suspect them of cuttin my connection somewhere in the middle of the night!!)?

If yes then please post them.


if ur username and password are in the modem then ur connection is on as long as the modem is

if u suspect of gettin disconnected that is a bug which seems to be caused due to faulty wiring
usually is fixed by restarting the router
this problem has been discussed earlier

if u meant something else please be specific


Broken In
actually what is happenin is my ADSL Link gets broken sometimes.But it connects on its own after some time!!

So i wanted to check for how much time the Link is on?


A software called NETWORX is available which does all the job which you have hinted for. Do a google search and get it and your query should be solved.
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