Dump Android for BB 3?


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Using a galaxy sl i9003, was using a bold 3 previously.

Not sure why but the battery life now is stupid + no instant email alerts!?

And most of all no BBM (If i use whatsapp, i have to keep my internet on, and it drains my battery like loose motions affected guy)

Time to switch back to BB?


Peak Oil is real!
Yes, compared to old phones of Nokia and Blackberry, today's smartphones have a very poor battery life. My Android wouldn't last me 12 hours under heavy use (continuous downloading on GPRS, watching videos, Whatsapp, SMS, Camera, etc). At the same time, my friend's Nokia E5 lasts 3 days easily...

So, there is a tradeoff involved...

Wait till the year end. Blackberry is trying to move rapidly into using QNX OS. Blackberry will become better...

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