Dual boot Windows 7 and Red hat EL 5.2 .. bootloader issues


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I installed windows 7 first & den installed red hat EL 5.2 .. though the red hat installation was sucess i coudn't load red hat again i think boot loader has something to do with this... as i allready had 3 primary partitions in Windows 7 .. i didn't do any force primary partitions for red hat as i coudn't so does it have anything to do with this..??
here is my Disk management view

View attachment 12020

or while Installing i had an ATA_PIIX error for which i had to make some changes in BIOS>internal pheripherals>satamode to RAID from IDE is this causing an issue..??

& i selected MBR first sector & advanced boot loader options.. is this what causing a problem for dual booting??

how can i get back to red hat... i can run windows 7 successfully..do i need to use any specific bootloader from windows now as i don't have access to REd hat..
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