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Deall All,

I have Small query. I have opted for a DSL Line from Tata Indiacom. How do I Confirm Babdwidh? --- 128/256/512 Etc???

Currently I am paying for 512 but i strongly suspect it is not 512. How do i check if it is 512 Line. (Other than Online speed testing tool)

Max Download Speed I get is 25-30 Kb and NOT 50-55 Kb as expected for 512 Line.

I am Also attaching Router Interface Snapshot.

Please assist..... :confused::(

Choto Cheeta

See login to any better speed servers Like Microsoft or Symantec, download from There useing any Good Download Manager !!!

What speed do you get ??

also one may allways use, http://speedtest.net/


Ur router snap shot do suggest that u are limited to 320kbps line, u should complain to TATA customer Scare :p

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