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Does Gpu bottelnecking moniter


Treatment in progress...
Well if u cud please post ur system specs it will be easier to comment...

anyhow...imho if u have a decent dual core with speeds in excess of 2.8Ghz...bottlenecking should not be an issue...


Athlon ||x3 440
corsair 4gb ddr3
500gb hdd segate
fsp saga 500w psu
dell in2020m moniter
gpu-planing to buy max budget 7000-7500 rs


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your config and hd 6770 are just enough to run every games with your monitor's current resolution - you won't face any bottlenecks.


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Firstly, is the monitor ever get bottle-necked? ;)

And lastly, OP's system, is fast enough to handle the 16x9 res with fairly high settings at almost every game.
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