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Does any PC-like CCleaner for mobiles exist?

Pratik Pawar

Gaming for challenge
I have a Nokia E5, I hav installed only around 10 apps now, still my internal phone memory has increased to 128mb out of total 259mb :shock:
when I scan it in my home page.. it gives da result as out of da total used memory, a whoppin 94mb is "Other files";:-?
I dont know what it is for. I want 2 get rid of much of it, in a way which will not affect anything else adversely.
maybe it is bcoz of leftovers of apps in da past.
please inform,suggest me if der is anything like da 'glary utilities' or 'CCleaner' of PC for my cell:|,or any other way of clearing my phone memory space from useless junk...
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