Digit website articles are a joke

Seriously, its embarrassing.

Dont you think new prospective Digit magazine buyers will be swayed away after seeing the shitty articles,slideshows and the overall design and layout of the website? There was a time when i used to comment on (almost)every shitty article laden with false information. But now i just dont care.

Thankfully, the forums are untouched, thanks to it being based on vBulletin .

I really want to know who is in charge of putting up articles. Cant they simply hire forum members to take over the job? I am sure there will be many TDF members willing to do it for free. Many of the sticky forum threads deserve to be placed in the Digit website's front page (like Guides, Tips, Updated price Lists etc)


Top 10 section on website is showing 'FIFA 14' and 'Bioshock infinite' in top games for PC 2016!
Its even showing updated 31st DEC 2015!


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
digit needs to improve on website & magazine a lot ... older mags were great ... editor & team should learn either from older or international mags ... thats y cant c digit mag @ any of book stores ... they say "nobody buys them & distributer doesnt provide new mags" ... i was shocked ... hope digit ppl take this & improve ...
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