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Digg Tools - Stack, Swarm & BigSpy

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Šupər♂ - 超人
While diggin deeper... I hit upon the DIGG labs underground :D

They had some qute flash-based tools allowing us see another view of how stories are being submitted and ranked to Digg, the bookmarking & social networking service that lets people share and vote on news,stories & other finds online.

Digg Stack which has a Tetris-feel; shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. Diggers fall from above and stack up on popular stories. Brightly colored stories have more diggs. Mouse over the stacks to get more information about the story, and zoom in and out for a different view. You can also filter your Stacks to show popular, newly submitted, or all stories.

Digg Swarm does pretty much the same thing, except it's a different visual (circles and Digg-er swarms). It draws a circle for stories as they're dugg. Diggers swarm around stories, and make them grow. Brightly colored stories have more diggs. You can mouse over the circle "spikes" to see individual Digg user names.

There is another innovation, the BigSpy which places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. As new stories are dugg, older stories move down the list. Bigger stories have more diggs.

Either view is a fascinating way to watch the Digg effect. So.. keep diggin...

Note: These tools r a little old... but I re-stumbled upon them recently and just wanted to share them :D
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