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difference in tdf and magazine content?


why is it that on the Digit magazine, some products which recieve the editor's choice or best buy awards dont even get mentioned in the forums???

in tdf, ppl suggest stuff that isnt even tested in the magazine.

case in point : the netbook shootout of july, there is no mention of the hp dm1, even though i have seen it recommended by people (22k price)

in the same months' monitor review, the most commonly sugggested monitor, Benq G2220HD(7k) was glaringly absent.

you guys can at least mention it in passing, even if you are not reviewing it.

or if it is not worth mentioning in a review, then why is it being recommended on the forums???

i am in a constant dillema, whether to trust the magazine or the forum.
please clarify


Do your research online. Use google well to read about products suggested in both places. See what fits your needs better. Get it. HP dm1 is pretty good, I am using it so I can say that. It can play PES 2010 with ease, what more could you want?
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