Desktop restarts due to voltage fluctuations


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Hi All,

I have a 7 years old assembled desktop.

core i3 3220,
sapphire 7770,
gigabyte b75m,
corsair 4gb 1600mhz * 3,
corsair 430cxv2 PSU

I am using this desktop without any UPS directly connected to main supply and I haven't faced any issues due to voltage fluctuations.
Now since 2 months i am noticing that desktop restarts due to even minor voltage fluctuations and from last week its almost 2 times every hour.
It is running for 12 hrs everyday since lock-down and before that it was not used much because I used to stay in different city.

I tried using it with 10 years old working UPS whose battery was dead and still faced the restart issue.
After reading some posts it seems PSU is faulty but I am not sure and someone suggested to just get an UPS to solve my problem.
As I will not be staying longer at my hometown(till WFH ends) so I don't wish to invest in a UPS because I heard its battery needs to be replaced every 3 years even it is left idle.
Please suggest what should I buy PSU and UPS both or either items.

the PSU should be future proof as I will upgrade whole system after 2 years.


A PSU cannot safeguard your pc from voltage abnormalities,its not a power conditioning device.

If you want to protect your pc from fluctuations,then either you will have to get an ups (that's equipped with a fully functioning AVR) or a robust voltage stabilizer.


If it had been doing its job properly then your desktop wouldn't have experienced restarts due to voltage fluctuations in the first place.


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Getting a good UPS is the most effective way to get rid of this issue. Changing battery of UPS is fairly easy and battery costs around ~700-800. A 600VA UPS for you is good enough. Get one from APC.
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