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Dell E190S


Extreme Gamer
Hi all. I'm looking forward to get a new non widescreen LCD monitor. I'm planning to get Dell E190S. I couldn't find any professional review. But most of the customer reviews rated it 5/5(most will be from noobs anyway :p). I currently have a 17" crt. The main purpose is gaming. My budget is 6.5k. My graphics card is a 5770. However I have a few questions about this monitor.
1. It shows the response time as 5ms typical. What does that word typical mean there? Will it be good enough for gaming without ghosting issues?
2. Does anyone know if it has backlight bleeding issue?
3. Will 1280x1024 look good on 19" for desktop usage?
4. Is the VGA
good enough for an LCD unless I'm an LCD enthusiast?
If any good review of the same is available, please link it. Thanks in advance:)
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