Dead Pixels on Laptop's Backlit LCD display.


Hi folks ,

In past couple of days I noticed some dead pixels( white and black ) on my laptop's screen.
It's Acer ASpire V3-571G , and I bought it around March 2013 with an Extended warranty of 2+1 years.

Things were working fine ( not to mention the pathetic uber-poor quality display of the laptop ) until a week ago. When I noticed that there was a extra bright pixel stuck in the right-mid part of the screen. It had smooth edges covering one or two pixels.And was visible more in brighter background.

Now , yesterday , it started developing few black pixels on the screen and the count seems to be increasing gradually. I think there are total of 7-8 problematic pixel in different areas of the screen.
I was wondering that will the warranty cover it , ? And if yes then should I contact them right away or wait for some time when the dead pixels become more distinguished so as to ask for warranty ??

BTW , in my last notebook HP had promised me onsite warranty. SO when my DM1 started giving me trouble the HP SC guys came at my house and replaced the entire motherboard but never requested to take the notebook to the Service Center even though they had to come 4-5 times to my home due to the nature of the problem.
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A suggestion/help would be really appreciated.

Below are the PICS of the screen Which I took from a certain angle .One of them contains a straight streak/line ranging across few pixels , which appears as a CUT mark in the LCD screen , but when the screen is turned off there is no visible cuts/damages. It only appears from certain angle .




No replies yet ?? :shocked:

Anyways , I called Acer CC and received a Complaint number. They asked me if I wanted onsite/Carry-in service . I told th'm that I can carry it to the service center myself .

When I took the laptop to the nearest Acer Service Center , the guy at reception he asked for the problem and after looking at the display , he rejected to replace or provide any kind of service.
He said , he'll only change or service it , if there is a group of pixels damaged that hampers day to day work ,( atleast an Inch of th'm on the panel ). Untill then nothing. :(
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