[For Sale] D-Link DSL 2730U Modem + Router


Cyborg Agent
Hey guys, selling my D-Link DSL 2730U. I bought it because I was supposed to get a separate broadband connection but never got it so I have never used this product. I just opened it to check if it's working or not and that was it. It's lying in the box since then.

1. Model number and details: D-link DSL 2730U
2. Date of purchase: 20th April 2012
3. Reason for sale: Using 2750U. This one is lying unused.
4. Warranty details: 2 years and 8 months.
5. Expected Price: Rs. 1700 (shipping included)
6. Location of Seller: Baroda, Gujarat

I have the original bill, disks, wires and everything.



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