1. D

    DLinkd 2730u modem+router

    I have purchased DLink DSL 2730u modem +router to connect to BSNL broadband. I have configured the modem with the CD supplied with it. After the setting up I was able to access internet through it. When I shutdown both and restarted some time later Broadband cannot be accessed due to multiple...
  2. masterkd

    Strange issue with 2730u

    I had a DLink 2730u modem+router which I previously used in my old computer perfectly. Now I am trying to set up internet in a laptop in PPPoE mode. I provided all the settings. Now it is connecting to internet as the internet light goes green in it. But I am not receiving internet through...
  3. C

    [For Sale] D-Link DSL 2730U Modem + Router

    Hey guys, selling my D-Link DSL 2730U. I bought it because I was supposed to get a separate broadband connection but never got it so I have never used this product. I just opened it to check if it's working or not and that was it. It's lying in the box since then. 1. Model number and details...
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