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Product: Cyberpower BU1000E (1KVA)UPS
Service Request #: C092017P004
Date of purchase: 29-Sept-2015
Date of RMA: 02-Sept-2017
City: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Issue/Problem faced:
My CP 1KVA UPS worked fine for almost 2 years. Unfortunately (or may I say fortunately as its in warranty), since the last 1 month its not able to provide any backup at all. In case of power cut, the UPS switches off completely, it doesn't even provide backup for a second. In case of any fluctuation also, its the same, switches off completely. So, definitely it need a RMA. Fortunately, the UPS is in warranty so I raised a request with CyberPower for RMA.

The incident in chronological manner


Emailed CyberPower asking about local service center details and how to claim warranty service for my UPS.

Received an email from them providing their customer care details and asked me to get in touch with them.

Got in touch with their customer care (over phone), they asked me to drop an email to customer.care@cyberpower.com with a scanned copy of the invoice and a pic of the serial number as on the UPS.

Dropped them an email with the scanned copy of my invoice and serial number of the UPS.

Received an email from them asking me to provide my address.
Replied them with my address and contact details on the same day.

Received an email from them with the call log log details.
The email also contained service request id of my warranty service claim.
Asked them how long it would take for RMA, received no reply.

No replies from them yet.
Emailed them again to consider my request on an urgent basis as I didn't receive any reply regarding date of RMA/visit.

No reply from them yet, so called their customer care and inquired about the estimated time for RMA, their attendant said, it would 2-3 business days at max for the same and she will remind the same to their team. She only asked about the date of call log and my city name, that's all, didn't even bother to ask for service request no.
May be they have lesser volume of RMAs and can track status without even the service request number! Its shocking indeed.

No reply from them yet. Called them again and asked them about the status. Their attendant again asked for the date of call log and my city name, said she would forward this on a priority. I asked whether she needed my service request number for the same, she denied and said they can track it out from date of log and city name. Really shocking.

14-Sept-2017 :
No reply from them. Called them again, this time their call didn't connect.
Dropped them an email again and posted about this in their fb page as well. Hope to get some response.

Called their customer yet again as I hadn't received any replies from them. Fortunately enough someone from their team called me in the afternoon and asked for my address.
Their so called service engineer finally came and replaced both the batteries and now the UPS is working absolutely fine.

Status: Resolved
My Suggestion: Brands with such poor after sales service should always be avoided. I bought the UPS as it was providing 2 years warranty on battery, thought its a good brand and I would get proper after sales service during warranty, but I was wrong. Horrible service. They don't even care to reply to emails.
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Finally I had both the batteries replaced by their service guy and the UPS is working fine now.
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Cyberpower and APC are the two brands mostly suggested by members here. Glad to hear that your problem is finally solved.


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Cyberpower and APC are the two brands mostly suggested by members here. Glad to hear that your problem is finally solved.
Yes, that's why I bought CyberPower. Hope they improve upon their service.
I had V-Guard UPS prior to this. Their customer service was excellent. Called their customer care, registered a service request, their technician came in 2-3 days and changed the battery.
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