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Crysis with CryEngine 2

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someone had posted about this crytech's new engine a few months back. i guess now a new video has been released. leme chk it out


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As Jim Carrey would say "B-E-A-Utiful".:D
Man this Demo left Me drooling for days.All that realistic Shadows,Night Cycle Shift and real time Physics projection were too hard to believe that it would be actual In Game stuff.Crytek had unleashed a beauty of a Game in Far Cry and now Crysis is promising even more.These DX10 games would be more Eye candy stuff and Like always A Heavy Price tag along with it.But what the Hell its just too darn good :D


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Well, was blown away the time some german mag. had written an article on CRYENGINE 2 and GAMERSHELL first released those images on the net... though stared with disbelief in my eyes tht those images were too realistic for a game.. probably they were CGI ones... but then saw the leaked CRYENGINE 2 TECH DEMO and started to believe it all. With the official announcement of CRYSIS and the too-realistic GDC trailers, thr didn't remain a tint of disbelief and thr was all amazement and flabbergation. DX10 + Windows Vista + nVidia 8x series graphix ==== time for some serious killer combo.


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@ allwynd, you are right, eye candy and all that stuff looks pretty well, but costs more! Well, it will definately require Geforce 7900 GTX in SLI mode or ATI X1900 XTX to play smoothly, TRUST ME. Reason: I saw the benchmark of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion on Geforce 7900 GTX in SLI, with max settings in 1600X1200 with HDR enabled, it was able to give out only 40 FPS! :roll: Whereas, in FEAR even in 2048X1920 (I guess) with max settings, that card gave out 55-60 FPS! UNBELIEVEABLE! :shock: So, engine of Crysis is so advanced that that card with be also outperformed, till then we can wait for ATI's 2000 series launch, I am just hoping and naming 2000 series with 1GB RAM! :p :D
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