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creative speaker warrenty


Broken In
i have creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers which i bought from theitwares.com on 12th oct 2011. now since 2 days, its sound is too low and also fluctuating. it reaches from lows to highs with a slight creaking sound. sometimes there is no sound at all. yesterday a weird incident took place. the sub was giving loud "boom boom" sounds like heartbeats :shock: even when the audio jack was unplugged.

the irony is only 4 days remain for the warrenty period to end. i stay in Goa, India. there is no creative service centre in this part of the world. and no retailer or distributor is ready to forward my product bcoz i bought it online. :cry: somebody pls give some advice urgently.. :-(


Cyborg Agent
why not mail them and tell your problems or call there CC...lets see what they have to say :)
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