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cpu cooler for 2500k


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hi guys..
i'm planning to buy a cpu cooler for my i5 2500k. 4.5k max budget. what do you think is good for heavy gaming and moderate overclocking?
mobo is p8z68 v, 4gb 1600mhz corsair vengeance high profile ram.(will upgrade to 8 gb soon)
i've sort out some....
1. thermalright silver arrow
2. noctua nh d14
3. corsair h50/60
4.antec kuhler 620
not sure abt price and fitting of noctua...heard they hv problem with vengeance hp rams
case- cm 690II advanced
please suggest....any other suggestion is also welcome......


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NocTUA NH D14 is arguably one of the best air coolers available, it'll outperform most cooling short of high end custom water set-up's . Im not sure of the rams but noctua would surely fit in ur cm 690 .But if you want liquid cooling you can go for Corsair H60 .


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thanxx guys for d reply......
i'v thout abt thermalright silver arrow, noctua nd zalman cnps12x...but will they fit in my rig with those ram?..i'v thought abt changing d ram with ripzaws x, but my corsair looks damn sexy nd outprfrms ripzaws too( vs dat is out of d qustn....may hv to go 4 liquid.....h60...


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err...not really...i tested both...also on a CM 690..there no way in HELL you can close the sidepanel after installing any of the two...tooo close for comfort...
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