Counter Strike online not working on 1 mbps connection.. :(


Broken In
Hi Guys.. :)

I have one problem.. I recently switched to TATA Indicom Broadband 1 mbps unlimited plan.
Earlier i was using Connect 256 kbps plan.. I used to CS 1.6 online without any problem at all..
but after switching to 1 mbps plan, many times it doesnt even show the list of internet servers after opening the game.
After many trials, even if it shows the list, latency of servers is very high.. i am not able to play on any server..
pls help me..

i tried everything..disabling the antivirus, firewall everything..

Any idea why this problem is happening?


Your connection is not landline broadband. You are supposed to get high pings. SAD. Get Airtel broadband.
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