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[For Sale] Corsair GS600 PSU (Brand new sealed pack, RMA'ed)

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Hi guys
Model number and details: Corsair GS600
Date of purchase: After 15 Sep 2011 (exact date, no idea, read below)
Reason for sale: Bought CM V700
Warranty details: Atleast 5 months. Could be more. Not sure.
Expected Price: 3950
Location of Seller: NCR
Shipping: At actuals

I just got this back today from Corsair. The PSU is brand new sealed pack (RMA'ed)

I think I bought it from Nehru Place but for some reason just can't recall this and other 2 items I bought together. I also can't seem to find bills of these 3 items. It's like somebody erased their memory from my mind) (Bought after 15 Sep 2011 for sure coz I have a few PM conversation from that time asking members (on some other forum) for their FS PSUs. So it has to be after 15 Sep 2011. How much after, no clue.

If you have any offer, take the PM route plz.

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