Core Optimization?

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I have always wondered this. How many phones, and more closely, how many apps are actually optimized to use all the cores at their disposal?

Take the latest and greatest Windows Phone 8 OS for example. Windows (for lack of a better term) fanboys vehemently argue that Windows Phone 8 doesn't need quad power. Fair enough.

Though this may be true to an extent, I wonder how far can we push this? What about games? Real, HD games? Don't they need the cores?

Then, let's talk Android. I have a "flagship" Moto device that stutters and sputters like there is no tomorrow. ROMs are irrespective here, mind you. So, let's say, I plan to buy a Windows Phone tomorrow, should I just be happy with an (expensive) phone that has mediocre specs as our fellow Android community adds cores after cores to its ammunition?

We just stand there, waiting for MS to realize, we need more power? On the other hand, even though WP8 has lesser cores, does it outperform any Android beast any time of the day?

Just some questions I wanted to ask...Hope I haven't pissed anyone here by asking this.
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