[For Sale] Cooler Master N200 Advance mATX Cabinet


Chosen of the Omnissiah

1. Model number and Manufacturer URL: Cooler Master N200 Advance and Cooler Master: N200
2. Date of purchase: 01-04-15
3. Reason for sale: Upgraded to ATX Cabinet
4. Warranty details: 19 months warranty remaning
5. Expected Price: Rs.2500 shipped
6. Location of Seller: Hyderabad
7. Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer
8. Shipping Cost: Included in Cost
9. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes
10. Accessories Included: 2x120mm CM Fans & 2.5" SSD Drive Bay, Original Box.
11. Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of paper.






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you have the same wall color as mine(green), how do you live with that? Rented house?
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