[Contest] Challenge #2 - Your favourite cheats / tactics [CSGO]


In this challenge, all you have to do is...

... share your best cheats / tactics while playing CSGO. That's it!


Let us know of them below.

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Right off the assembly line
The cheat that I use is SV_AIM, the one that is there in the photo. Its perfect for auto aiming with sniper.

Gamer ID - 10422247


Broken In
// Server config
sv_cheats 1
mp_limitteams 0
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_roundtime 60
mp_roundtime_defuse 60
mp_maxmoney 60000
mp_startmoney 60000
mp_freezetime 0
mp_buytime 9999
mp_buy_anywhere 1
sv_infinite_ammo 1
ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

// Practice
sv_grenade_trajectory 1
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10
sv_showimpacts 1
sv_showimpacts_time 10

mp_restartgame 1

// Binds
bind “k” “noclip”
bind “k” “give weapon_hegrenade;give weapon_flashbang;give weapon_smokegrenade;give weapon_incgrenade;give weapon_molotov;give weapon_decoy”
bind “k” “cast_ray”

echo “”
echo “”
echo “”
echo “########## PRACTICE CONFIG SUCCESSFULLY LOADED ##########”
echo “”
echo “”
echo “”

This is my practice hack. Gamer ID: 10442037


Broken In
Gamer ID: 10409449

Cheats: Used a lot of them and got VAC banned lol And then again got a new account and another VAC ban :p lol Finally using an account with no cheats :p

Tricks: In D2, if you're at T side and want to take over the A Long. Then throw a flashbang towards the AL side from the long doors. Then go ahead a little (don't get out of long doors), quickly throw a smoke on the dustbin so that it blocks the sniper's view. Throw a flash (second flash) on the dustbin and get out of the long doors. Check behind the door first, then crawl through the barrel side, get inside pit and check the site. Done :D
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Right off the assembly line
GamerID 10442343

Cheats: sv_cheats 1 ,sv_infinite_ammo 1,etc
Tricks: Prefire
If you have an idea that someone is standing at a specific spot, do not be afraid of prefiring. If they are there you get a free kill, if not you wasted 5 bullets and gave little info.


Broken In
net_graph 1

i always execute it to check if my ping's good and if i'm suffering any packet loss. best way to check this is by starting a deathmatch. only then enter a competitive lobby. i know my shite.

gamer id 10444587

Allu Azad

Time Ruins Everything
Gamer Id : 10446273

I also use net_graph 1

Shotguns sometimes work wonders in dust2. Trust me :p


Broken In
Damn I'm so excited, this is definitely a big giveaway.

Gamer ID: 10438413

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, defeated Barbarian_Monkey multiple times.


Gaming God "Chota wala"
I think cheats are not for gamers. Gamers play the game and enjoy every moment of it, not cheat through.

Trick for T's : When 1 v 1 and have around 1 minute. Plant at the site opposite to where you were spotted. Works for me.
When going long throw 2 flashes, one when you enter bedroom through the first upper window, and 2nd through the 2 window = 100% flashes. Wait for 2 seconds (for that spam shot) and rush to blue box.

Tricks for CT's : Best weapon (cost to benefit) is mp9/ump. When holding long, do extra and capture bedroom. Throw nade and a flash in bedroom and rush. Get rhose extra kills. Now just hold and watxh the shadows on the floor near the doors Get those kills too. EZ PZ Leemon squeezy.

P. S If you are lone player left with an AWP, I suggest you to throw that AWP at Long Blue box, Bedroom Box, T spawn small balcony (where you spawn just look over.)

If you like my D2 tricks, Put my name on the XBOX one. :) Thanks in advance.

Gamer id :10450992


Broken In
Cheats are for losers, thsee are same panty asses who grew up playing doom on iddqd and idkfa

I do use wall hack maps to practice spamming through walls, so that my enemies don't know what hit them

My gamer id: saske9800


Gaming is Life
I am not really a pro player but here are some of the things that I have learned so far during play ..

Think before you reload ! Just like every other "noob" out there in the beginning I made the mistake of reloading immediately after shooting someone or too soon so many times and got shot in the face while standing there helpless , desperately waiting for the reload to complete! Later on I learnt to quickly switch to a different weapon but even then the pros took me out before I had a chance!

Always remember to only to reload if you are sure you are in safe place and even then think twice whether you need to reload :)

Also try and get a headphone and mic ASAP if you do not already have one as its very important to fully enjoy and experience the game and in being a good player! The headphones are absolutely vital for you to hear the footsteps of your enemies and the better ones should allow you to pin-point the direction as well giving you a big advantage! Though as most players these days do have one, you will at least be in a level playing field!

You would absolutely need a mic so you can effectively communicate with your teammates and make friends. I know the struggle when you don't have a mic or a good one and you have to shout over the inbuilt mic to get your message across! Also no one likes it when you scream over your laptops microphone with static and all kinds of noise! And if you do have a good mic, please do not mic spam! For example you die at B and observed the bomb is also there with two terrorists, then just say " 2 terrorists in B with the bomb" .If you notice what guns they are carrying you can mention that too , say " 1 ak and 1 awp " . Usually what we see newbies do is shout on top of their voice "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!! B B B B B B GO TO B !! " That is one of the worst things you could do as didn't provide any info and you are voice spamming your team .

Plus from my experience with the mic you would be able to make more friends and then you would not find yourself soloing the queue always . This is also something to consider as the CSGO community is big and you will meet lots of nice people but to be honest there are also a lot of trolls, haters, hackers and other toxic people you will have to play with when you are soloing when instead you could be playing with people that you can actually depend on as a teammate :)

The other thing is when you do die and you will a lot , you would have to spend your time watching others, make use of this time and learn from the better players out there.

Finally if you really want to get better there are lots of maps that can help you practice your aim and shooting that you can find in the workshop along with a number of other fun modded stuff :)

As for map tactics, I usually keep my attack plans simple, for example on my favorite map DUST 2 , I usually plan a mid smoke and then we split both short and long to enter at the same time.

I really love this game and cannot count the number of hours I had spent playing it since my childhood :)

My Gamer ID is 10479688
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