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What feature of Synology NAS do you like this most?
The automatic backup is one of the features of synology that would prove a significant quality of life improvement. This would eliminate all the tension of loosing important documents and dear photos. Since synology also have redundancy the fear of loosing the backup itself would be non-existant. It would provide absolute peace of mind knowing that every important moment of your life is automatically backed up. Just the thought of never managing and doing your backups manually again is kind of rebellious against traditional backups.

Which Synology NAS would you ideally buy?
DS120j NAS itself. Its cheap and seems to be the go to as the first NAS device.

#this is a repost of this: CONTEST ALERT - Synology-Digit NAS Review Contest - Win NAS units and HDDs
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This will be given by the brand at the end of the contest. Once the reviews are in, we will be promoting them on social media.
Annnd I can saaay extra points for grabs for ppl interacting with the existing reviews.


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Read the rules carefully. The hashtag use in social media over the period of the contest is being tracked. #Synology #Digit #SynologyDigitForum2021 use those. Watch out for the reviews being promoted on social media, as it is more opportunity for participants to use the hashtags. Clear enough now?


Right off the assembly line
Entries are closed.

WIN SYNOLOGY NAS + T-Shirts + Caps

Contest is closed.
Winners are:

Kshitij Kataria

We included all late applications in the draw as well

Answer some questions, share the link for the contest on social media, and get a chance to win some awesome stuff.

Simply take part in this survey to participate:

Note: this is Contest #2 of two Synology contests, click here to go to Contest #1



  • 2x Synology DS120j NAS
  • 5x Synology T-Shirts
  • 5x Synology Caps

Details and timeline​

  1. Contest begins today
  2. Head to this link - what is NAS
  3. Check out the different Synology NAS devices that can be purchased in India:
    1. Amazon:
    2. Flipkart:
  4. Post in this thread
    1. What feature of Synology NAS do you like this most?
    2. Which Synology NAS would you ideally buy?
  5. Complete survey: SurveyCake
  6. You can also share This thread [] on your social media handles to increase your chances of winning. Remember to use the hashtags #Synology #Digit #SynologyDigitForum2021
  7. Contest open till 24th April, 2021

Terms and Conditions​

  • Contest runs from April 2nd, 2021 to April 24th, 2021
  • This contest is sponsored by Synology and run by Digit.
  • Contest is open to all Indian Citizens above the age of 18 as of April 2nd, 2021.
  • Terms and conditions, and timelines are subject to change.
  • You must have an account on the Digit Geek forums in order to participate in this contest.
  • Only one application per household will be accepted.
  • Forum rules are final and applicable to all interactions during the contest.
  • Digit and its parent company, 9.9 Group Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to restrict entry.
Note: If you have already filled out the survey, just post your responses in this thread!

Fancy yourself as a reviewer? There are a lot more units up for grabs for those who can give detailed usage reviews, head over to Contest #1
How do I claim what I won?
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