"Consider replacing your battery/your battery may be broken" --> please help


Hi friends,
I am having a lenovo thinkpad sl400c laptop and have installed windows 7 and ubuntu in dual boot.

My problem is obvious from the title..Let me elaborate it..

>When ever i login to windows, it shows the warning as consider replacing your battery and the battery lasts only 25 minutes on a full charge. (Then automatically hibernates)

> When ever i login to ubuntu, it shows your battery may be broken and shows the full charge percentage as 14.1%

Here is the problem, when it runs equally(more or less) on both OS, i would consider replacing my battery, but it hibernates only in windows.. In contrast, while in linux, inspite of critical battery alarm, i can use my laptop for atleast 1hour with zero battery status.

please help me out..

Solutions tried:
1. Installed latest power manager drivers in windows
2. Upgraded BIOS (only after this problem and on suggestion by lenovo care)

Now from my above experience, i am damn sure that the battery is in good condition, BTW, the notebook is 16 months old


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Well Ubuntu actually don't take up much juice from he battery so it would run for longer than windows but I can't comment about the difference. Also you should contact vendor as suggested by krishnandu.
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