computer restarts??


My computer is a 2009 assembled one.
Config is
Amd Athlon x4 ii 620
2Gb Kingston ddr2
Biostar motherboard
Wd caviar 500aaks 500gb
Cooler master 450w smps
Today morning it started and I updated my Dota 2 game & shut it down. When I came back from office when I start the system, it shows "launch startup repair (recommended)
start Windows normally"**
I selected 2nd one and while after Windows 7 loads g screen appears after those flying Windows logo, system restarts and shows the same page **.
This has happened before, I chose the same second option and Windows would normally load. Since last year, I have been getting blue screen when I use the system. Also my system automatically restart in the middle when I use.

Please help me I'm missing A Year Beast Brawl.

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Here's what i did. I selected Repair and went to command prompt then chkdsk C: /f and it scanned that is 3 stage scan. And boom PC started.


WD Official
Hi [MENTION=55665]IronCruz[/MENTION],

Based on your post, it may be a HDD issue. To confirm that the HDD is working properly and there is no hardware issue. I’d suggest you to run the HD Tunes or DLG software utility.

If the result is bad, please backup your existing data and change to a new HDD.

Hope it helps.
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