Compaq Presario C739TU Laptop Drivers for Windows XP

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I have switched over from Vista to XP. Iam unable to load the drivers. The HP site doesn't have driver support for XP. I have contacted the HP support and they provided the drivrers and installation guide. But every time I tries it gave me an error massage that the device may not work. Actually I am unable to detect the actual sound card that the Motherboard model 30D9 have, from the list of manufacturers. I don't find any help from the net about the Motherboard details.

The link for vedio driver downloads a 1.34 KB file.

Has anybody faced such problem earlier? Please help me out.Or should I step back to Vista?

I am giving the links for the drivers.


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I think there is no need to change to XP..If widows vista is not giving you much performence then swtich to Windows 7.It has Many driver and give better performance.You try with Windows 7
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