cheats for games on UR MOBILE!

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futuristically_ancient said:
I want some cheats, for my nokia 6630 mobile fone.
Any site for this?
Cracked games' websites would also do!

Hello buddy...such lang shud not be used in Digit Forum... Check out the forum rules.. sorry for the inconvenience...


First tell me the games!

Well, tell me the sources of the games! Leave walkthroughs and cheats, tell me the places to get good games. If they are free, its better. My k700i can play java ones and all those on feb Blitzkrieg CD are lame.


Broken In
Hey Scorpion,
sorry to change the topic like this, but could you take a look at my other thread - the new one, and tell me what you can't do in your K700i that can be done in N6600?

Thanks a lot.
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