[For Sale] Car cassette deck/player


The Vagrant Seeker
* Product Name: Car cassette deck/player (its from Maruti-Suzuki Baleno. make is not known, although am getting a faint recollection that a service-personnel had once told me that its Kenwood OEM; but this is not confirmed).

* Expected Price: Rs. 500.

* Date of purchase: Not known (more than 7 years old).

* Reason for Sale: Not needed now.

* Product Condition: good, with detachable mouth/HU. willing to give 4 day's testing warranty with it.

* Accessories Included: whatever fittings (screws, etc.) that i've got of this.

* Product Location: Thane/Mumbai, Maharashtra.

* Preferred Courier: not willing to ship at the moment.

* Payment Options: cash.



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