Can't Install Windows!! And Gfx Card dies!!!

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Hey guys,
I'm suffering from a BIG HEADACHE nowadays!!!


Okay, I'm a little frustrated right now cuz of my boards exams are comming and I can't watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s on my PC!!

Here's the thing :

I can boot up with Windows XP/Vista/7 disk and start installation normally. When the installation completes then comes the part of restarting....when it restarts, there is just a blinking cursor after the POST screen and nothing happens!

My best guess is that my HDDs's MBR has died on me :(

I'm running 2 HDDs
Segate 160gig and WD 250gig, I'm trying to install on a 40gig partition in the 160gig segate

And another problem!

Ever since I brought MSI 9600GT 512MB OC edition.....I haven't been able to play games on it properly....whenever i start a game like NFS Most Wanted, the game would run fine for some time and then the system when BZOOOK with the monitor going on a stand-by and the system going on to a endless loop of sound playback......I ititially thought it was a overheating problem but recently I put it on a stress test with 3dmark Vantage on windows 7.

I brought the card last june and I guess I'm still under warranty, should I get it replaced with a 9600GT only or shall I go for replacement with a 8800 instead (if that's possible)

my guess is that the card has problem with DX 9 as all my crashes came on Win XP and 3dmark ran fine on Windows 7. But now I can't confirm my hypothesis as I CANT INSTALL WINDOWS

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
when it restarts, there is just a blinking cursor after the POST screen and nothing happens!
Make sure no usb/firewire/e-sata devices are connected to pc while booting. Make sure the boot priority is hard drive not removeable/cd. Change the crappy power supply. All doubts are cleared here.
Here's the thing. Not necessary its the HD or graphic card. It could be the rams well. Even if you change the psu, there is a possibility that one/all of these components might needs to be changed due to possible damage happened because of the previous psu. At any circumstances do not stress test/benchmark using the current psu. Get the psu changed (recommendations are given on the link). Make sure the cables are not spread around within the case, tie them together using cable ties. Make sure the fans are pushing in or pushing air out. On the next post, mention the rest of the configuation as well.


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First check out ur RAM on ur frnds PC, if found all right then change slots for them (most probably its ur RAM)

Get hold of a win98 CD, and go to cmd promt while booting, run checkdisk to be sure if its not a bad sector in ur HDD...

If HDD is allright, while installing do a full-format with NTFS and then install windows, don't opt for quick-format.

If nothing works, then its ur MOBO RAm slots, data cable or anything else which I can't imagine.
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