Cannot retrieve Hidden folder


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Hello friends! I know this one is a simple problem but I couldn't find the solution to it. Actually, I did a useless activity on my PC. I hid a folder from the viewing options, And when I tried to un-hide it, damn it I could not see that folder. whats the prob?


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You have selected "Hidden" from folder Properties's General Tab right???
If thats so then undo it then problem would be solved. If you can't see the folder so worried how to get to its properties then its simple. Just open the folder from address bar and then right click on blank screen and then properties. :)


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@TechPlex: y the folder options show hidden folders is not working for u?isn't the hidden folder is displayed in explorer window?


Multiplex Of Technology
I think its happening because my PC is out of antivirus surveillance since last month.
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