can i play crysis 2 in this config??

my frnd is planning to upgrade his pc,

current selection is

motherboard-asus m4a78lt-m le-2.6k
processor-amd athlon II x3 440-3.25k
Gpu-sapphire hd 5670-4.4k
ram-corsair 2gb ddr3-1.05k

any similar intel config??
budget is 12-13k


Retired Forum Mod, config is good. it'll run C2 @ 1600X900 with mid/low settings. but yes 2Gb more ram will really help. also ask your friend to get a descent PSU if he can include in your budget. minimum FSP Saga II 350W.


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If you can increase budget just a little, get a AMD Athlon x4 635 @ Rs.4200(approx might be lesser in many cities)


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Playable? Yes. Crysis is even playable on 4650 but you will need to turn the settings down to Medium with AA/AF all turned off.
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