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calling all braniacs-: help wanted for lan card driver????

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Broken In
hi folks i have a intel p4 processor 2.0ghz with a 128 mb ram and 40 gb samsung hard disk

i have windows xp sp1 on my e: and windows98se on my c:
recently i ran into a problem and had to do a whole system reinstallation of windows98se. now the major problem started i had to connect to the internet but my ehternet was not installed and what more adds to this was that i had lost my ethernet installation floppy disk. so i cant connect to the internet

but when i had the floppy of installation i used it to install ethernt driver on my win xp so i still have my driver installed on my win xp and can acess internet thru it.

so guys can u give me any tips clues software or any way thru which i can make ti run on my win98se and also have the driver software.
the name of the lan card is (tech-com fast ethernet adapter 32-bit pci 10/100mbps). so can u help me on this matter


hi i did as per what yu said but its still ot working. in my hardware devices still the ethernet controller has been shown an unknown device by an exclamation mark and when i try to reinstall it by the zip file u provided by the linkl it does not find any and a remark comes that windows did not find the driver and do you want to finish

i dont have my ethernet card installation floppy disk and in my hardware devices ethermet controller is shown as an unknown device so i want to ask is there any way out. ihave also earlier said to u that i have a running xp on my e: with ethernet installed so is there any way that i can send my this installation or use any specific path or file 4m xp to get rid of my problem. also i have an another problem thee is some problem with my xp installation and so i want to do a reinstallation by formatting the drive so to have no problem so what i want u to do is suggest me the way so that i can keep a backup of my instaled ethernet or any other internet needed hardware devices so that i can reaquaire without any problem after reinstallation

also lastly i want to ask all of u that is thr any software that can check all my hardware devices and reinstall any corrupted or any type of mistake in my driver directly or thru the net. i willl be very grateful even if u can help me in any of my problem.please do send responses.
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