By Demand [November 2013]

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Team Digit
Demands can also be made by e-mail, story ideas and other suggestions (Fast Track ideas, design, demands for specific articles etc)

Suggestions for DVD content, mail links or suggestions to

Only for DVD content
Some more ways in which you can send us demands. If you use Free Download Manager, set the files for download, limit the bandwidth to minimal (3-4 bytes/s), export the download list, then mail us the list of suggestions to the DVD email id mentioned above. See if you can send us lists for the perfect 16GB content mix, so we'll get an idea of how much content you want
Listed below are sites where we get most of our stuff for the DVDs. Keep adding more interesting sites to the list...

Software: Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET, Free Downloads Encyclopedia - Softpedia
Games: GameSpot is your go-to source for video game news, reviews, and entertainment, - Largest Independent Video Gaming Website ( -
Game Trailers: Video Game Trailers for Wii, PSP, Xbox, PS3 & More | Upcoming Video Games
HD Trailers: Best Place on the Web to Download HD Trailers - (HDTN)
Music: Free and legal music downloads - Jamendo, If You Make It, Daytrotter: The source for new music discovery and free MP3 downloads from the best emerging bands., QUOTE UNQUOTE RECORDS.COM! HOME OF "RECORDS"!, Purevolume,
Audiobooks:, AudioOwl - Free Audio Books - Download mp3 and iPod format today!
Lectures and Courses:, MIT Open Courseware, Open Yale Courses,


PS: To ensure that your requests are added to the DVDs, please try to send them in by the 9-12 of each month
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> Fast Track on CUDA.

> Mega wallpaper pack containing HD wallpapers of all categories.

> Article on Foobar components and getting the best out of foobar.

> Mega collection of Foobar components and skins.

> Windows 8.1 ISO.

> FIFA 14 demo.


Mac Softwares are the need of Hour ( Well, at least for me)

You all have been doing a kiss-ass job being the bridge between technology and me. Kudos for it. . It's been around two months since I moved on to Macbook and you know how it gets. New OS needs new apps and blah blah blah. .

I just hope you guys will broaden your already broad horizon of dvd reach and include some of the free but important Mac softwares every month for the macbookers. I would really appreciate if you even sniff a tinge of my smoky advice.

Once again, Thanks Guys. Keep Kicking


The Linux Guy
How about kali linux (64 bit) guys ? downloading 2 GB is a bit too much for my shared internet connection.


way to Future
I like the September,2013 issue with the VS 2013 evaluation and tutorial. More stuff like that will be highly appreciated in future.

For November,2013 I expect the following in DVD

Windows 8.1 enterprise evaluation

Fast Track on Ubuntu

Tutorials on PHP / SQL programming


tech is in mah bl00d
window 8.1 iso
And Free to play Steam Games like Team Fortress 2, All Points Bulletin, Dota 2,PlanetSide 2, Marvel Heroes, Warframe etc

Subhankar Mondal

I love Digit
I need Digit magazine in pdf every month.
How is it possible?
Regarding the website, I notice that top 10 laptop reviews are unchanged for a long time.
why so?


Give us Dota 2 and League of Legends Garena Client .. Im sure many people would want to play it but dont have the patience to download


Superhuman Spambot
Give us Dota 2 and League of Legends Garena Client .. Im sure many people would want to play it but dont have the patience to download

Nah give us Team Fortress 2, it's a pain in the @$$ to download 10 gigs.

Some free android games(big ones) will be cool too like FIFA 14, Real Racing 3 etc.


^Not gonna happen, TF2 will take both DVDs..
LoL is only 2.7 GB and Dota 2 Is similar... They can easily fit inside one of the DVDs with available space for other things
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