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Buying Printer....plz help

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HP printers are known for quality but catridge are quiet expensive,i would prefer canon or epson.


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I don't know the model and prices, coz price structure in mumbai is gonna change on Monday.

HP are good, and u can refill the catridge BLaCk 150/- and colour 250/-. My friend has reffiled BLACK for 7 times and we don't find ne difference in quality. Check for original HP non carbon ink.


The best bet for that range would be the Canon pixma IP 1000...It has a great printing quality...The photo printing is also remarkable....The basic cost is very low....Great results with normal printing...& to top it all the running costs come out to be extremely low(way lower than any HP printer)

Refilling has its own risks...You might refill a cartridge 5 times without anything drastic happening....But you may not be lucky the 6th time over & even a small leak & you would hav to say bye-bye to your printer...

IMHO Its better to use "compatible" local cartridges if u ever want to look for cheaper options(which is not recommended) rather than opting for refilling....



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i'd suggest u HP as ive used it for 7 yrs ,refilling is as easy as a pen and it would cost u around 200\-rs per cattrige......cannon pixima ip-100 also should suit u but hp is more ++++++++reliable+++++++trustable


my suggestion would be to add another 2000 or 15-1700 to your budget and buy a HP PSC 1400 series...its an all-in-one.

otherwise go for pixma ip1000...its great
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