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Buying Advice for WiFi Router


Right off the assembly line
Hi guys, I am planning on buying a WiFi router as my rented one is unable to take on the load. There is a moderately heavy usage of the router in my home. At times, nearly 8-10 devices (a desktop, 3-4 laptops and 4-5 mobile devices) connect to the router. (I knew I shouldn't have taught my mom how to play candy crush.... :banghead:). Normally though, just 3 devices connect to it. (a desktop and 2 laptops).

I am looking for the following features:
  • preferably dual band.
  • 300+ Mbps speed.
  • should necessarily support 802.11n.
  • should support WPA2 security. (I am not generous enough to give free WiFi to my neighbours.... they didn't even give me sweets last Diwali!)
  • preferably should support IPv6 addresses.
  • preferably 5dBi antennae capacity. (I honestly think these walls are thick enough to stop tanks....)

I am considering the following WiFi routers:

My budget is around Rs. 2500 - Rs. 3000. Can go till Rs. 3500. (Goodbye pizza, burger and fries!!! at least for a week...)

So what do you guys suggest?


Alakh Niranjan
get the last one w8968 but get Hardware Version 2. Flipkart was only selling version 1 of it. i bought version 2 of it from snapdeal some 2-3 months back. wonderful device. working like a charm.
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